Woo Schedule is a wordpress plugin which works with woocommerce. Its sole purpose is to set operating times, for processing payments. If you own a business with specific times of operation, then this plugin may be what you are looking for.

How It Works


Woo Schedule allows you to enter the start and end times, for each of the 7 days of the week. This plugin stops the customer during the checkout phase.

The user is presented with a message during checkout “We are not currently accepting Orders”. Their order is not stored and their payment is not processed.

If you would like to block on an entire day, simply set both the start time and end time for a particular day to the same time. For example, set Mon start to 12:00 AM and Mon End to 12:00 AM

Reason for Creation

Many of our Proto Partners, operate brick and mortar businesses with operation times. A frequent example of this would be restaurants. Orders sent in to the system when no one is at work, is bad for business.

This plugin allows the user to specify operation times and prevent users from sending orders at inconvenient times.


If you would like to block out time slots or entire days from processing orders via the woocommerce plugin, then this is the product for you

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