BePro Software is offering franchise opportunities in your area. This is a great way to attract and support clients interested in software development solutions. Being part of our BePro Software brand provides the following benefits:

  • Access to training videos and documentation
  • Ability to resell software as an authorized distributor
  • Ability to be compensated for transferring leads to other franchisees
  • Ability to use the BePro Software brand when interacting with clients
  • Dedicated support
  • Ability to repackage and customize products
  • Ability to list your demo on
  • Use of the Authorized Distributor logo which links to your page on


We offer a range of solutions to our franchisees including

BePro Software Team – Use any aspect of our team to fulfilling your project development and/or support requirements. Our team is a network of curated technical individuals including project managers and developers. They meet minimum requirements including, English language proficiency, formal technical education, and experience.  We use them to create our products, so why not use them to create yours too? This service includes the option to source short or long-term help. This is ideal for a range of users, from one-off projects to long-term product support.

BePro Software Suite – We have created a suite of products that are extendable and 100% FREE. We create addons for these products, which make us money. Why not make money for yourself and your team? Extend our platform to create custom addons which you can resell. If interested in using one of our paid addons in your products, you will need to purchase a developer license. Ultimately, we want to support your product development and success. Check out our Suite of products today. – We want everyone to know about the great things you are doing with our products and team. List your end product on this website to gain exposure and potential purchase leads. Users regularly visit this website to confirm what’s possible when using our solutions and we invite you to expose your brand and products to these customers – Project Portfolio Management (PPM) SaaS which provides the optional ability to utilize artificial intelligence. All BeProS Software Team projects must be completed on this platform. This allows our team to support your success with serving customers


Becoming an Authorized Distributor has a few requirements. You will be the first point of contact for customers and we will help you to understand what you are selling. We become your partner in success once you complete the following tasks


The testing process is very straight forward. You can attempt the test once per week. The test includes popular features which are included in the documentation and video tutorials which are available on You will receive access to all learning material necessary to pass the test. Examples of tasks that must be completed include

  • Installation of various BePro Software plugins and a theme
  • Configuration of various BePro Software plugins and a theme
  • Demonstrate understanding of WordPress configuration options
  • Demonstrate competence in using

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