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    I am running a site built on WordPress 4.0 It is a business directory and local resources site. I have installed the Bepro Listings Plugin and have also installed the free Bepro Real Estate Listings plugin/add on. From here I am having several problems.
    1)in the admin section the top option on each tab is hidden under the top navigation menu. Its a pain but by copy & pasting the content of each tab to notepad I was able to see what everything is and think I have everything configured correctly.

    I have created 3 categories (houses, apartments, rentals) and created sample listings for each. I’ve also added the [display_listings type=2 l_featured] to a page in order to show an abreviated list of properties. That page is found at

    My problem is that when you click on the “view listing” link from one of these advertisements it is redirecting to which is a page I set up to search listings. Basically it is making up its own page because you click on say, sample listing #3 and you are sent to which is actually

    This has got me terribly confused. Its basically making up pages that don’t exist. I also think I need help setting the page template so that the sidebar remains in the correct spot but per advertisement I see I can pay 15 per hour for support but that apparently only covers their software and their themes.
    I am using a custom wordpress theme. Is there anyone who can help guide me in the right direction as I like the concept of the plugin and can incorporate it into my site that already includes cubepoints. there are a couple of additional addons I plan to purchase to get the full extent of my needs if… I can get this to work correctly.



    1) Sounds like the plugin is conflicting with either A) another plugin or B) your theme. Deactivate all other plugins and switch back to one of the stock wordpress themes to confirm. Once that’s confirmed, we can recommend next steps

    2) Each listing has its own page. If you do not want its link to go to its page, consider using the “affiliate” option for “How links open” in the settings area.

    3) Yes, we have a tutorial and a video demo in the members section

    Actually, our themes already support the plugin. The “Product Support” covers integration into custom themes like yours.

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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