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    Thank you for adding a filter to the recent listings widget. can you please provide some basic documentation and an example oh how to use the filter to display the price field? Thanks.



    Using this filter is a step above creating your own widgets. It passes the post objects so that you can build your own interface. If you do not intercept the filter and return a (string) value, the plugin will proceed with processing the post object itself.

    I would recommend, placing the filter in the functions.php file in your child theme. The setup would go something like

    function your_function_name($empty_array, $post_object){
           Process post_object and return the generated html (string). 
           Do not enter info into the $empty_array variable. We are expecting a string return;
           Reference the current code to see how we use/process the $post_object
        return $empty_array;

    We will probably change that $empty_array variable to an actual string. With that said, the variable type should not affect your usage of the filter. The point here is that we are testing to see if the value your function returns is empty or not.

    Ultimately, the concept of filters is not something created by our team or BePro Listings. Filters are a wordpress construct that you can see in wordpress itself and countless plugins. Videos, tutorials and other documentation are widely available online. Here is an article from wordpress.org about them


    BePro Software Team


    Ok. That is so far above my head. I need to do some thinking. There are numerous things I would really like in a business directory. If I make a list of all the features I would like BePro to do on my site, would you be willing to give me a bulk deal on hours and possibly even a payment plan? Let me know what works best for you.



    The short answer is yes 🙂

    Recently, you offered to help us test BePro Listings. Because of your patience with bugs and interesting use case, we were hoping to offer you a little more.

    Here is how we envision helping each other. Please purchase the Premium membership subscription. It has a 15% reduction on all products and services on BeProSoftware.com. As a member, you will also have access to special content and free products. In addition, we would like to compensate you with points, for helping to review/troubleshoot our products (BePro Listings, addons, etc) and documentation (Videos, tutorials, & instructions).

    Lets assume you consider helping us for 2 months ($30×2). Depending on your needs, you could get development services and plugins at an extremely reduced rate, down to the $60 is fees. After those 2 months, you can easily cancel the membership via paypal.

    How does 50 points per week sound? Could you give us 5 hours of your time on average per week? It sounds like you are already working on your website and this product a lot, so this could be an extremely easy 5hrs/wk for you.
    BePro Software Team


    yes that works for me. This product is my primary focus. I would like to be able to transition out of running my electronics repair store into running this directory full time. If you help me make BePro the primary backbone to the directory I will be able to give you all the hours i already spend developing it.

    furthermore if you wish to use my product to truly showcase the power, flexibility and scalability of BePro, I would be happy to cut you in on the product itself as partners indefinitely. I can see no more valuable of a development team then the people who created the software to begin with. Nobody knows your code like you do. I am all alone developing this, and the crazy thing is I don’t know html, php or css. I just have the ability to figure almost anything out i put my mind to. MeshGeo is my brainchild, and the best one ive ever come up with.

    I have already begun to market it. With some implementation of features and functionality to make it a truly universal directory website and some styling to make it more attractive it will really take off. I could then focus my time on important things still undone like the FAQ, knowledgebase, support system etc.

    I have a list a mile long of features i want to add to this website to make it the most powerful and capable directory on the internet ever. If you help me put my plans into action by supporting the development of your software in the site I will give you a percentage of all paid subscriptions and ad revenue for as long as you continue to provide that support.

    I have a 100MB down/25MB up connection and I have my own dedicated server in my basement.
    Dell Poweredge 2950 G3 3.5′ Server, 2x 3.0GHz Quad Core, 32GB, 6x 1TB SAS 6G (raid 10)
    Processor 2 Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.0 GHz E5450
    Dimm Size 4GB PC2-5300F
    Hard Drives 6 3.5″ 1TB SAS 7.2K 6G Hard Drive in Raid 10
    Controller PERC 6/I PERC 6/I
    Power Supply 2 Dell Hot Swappable 750W RPS
    Remote Access DRAC5 installed

    on this i have centos 6.5
    Apache Template: phpfcgid
    Nginx Template: caching
    MariaDB 10.1

    its basically my own custom LEAMP stack that serves instant content and barely uses system resources.
    I am not currently even leveraging any cache except my opcache and it serves almost instantly.
    When it is finally done I will leverage memcache for database caching and possibly varnish to further cache the opcache and databse cache in front of everything else. This entire server is dedicated to meshgeo.
    as you can tell I am serious about my product.


    any thoughts on this?



    Thanks for agreeing to join our focus group. Someone from our team will contact you via email within 48 hours.

    BePro Software Team


    ok great, i look forward to that email!


    so how does this work exactly? i responded to the email with the attached pdf filled out. When do i see the 50 points each week?

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