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    kon tiki


    Thanks for the correction, now I can log in.

    So continuing with observations at WordPress, I noted with =>

    [display_listing_categories] a page showing an overview of the categories is shown, which is a good thing, because it is one of features I was asking about. You have images representing different categories. I noted though if you click on any of them, the page just seems to reload & does not take one to the listings in that category. I tried this on several categories, which I am sure have a link or 2.

    If I may ask,

    It also seems, the categories & subcategories are shown as if they where at the same level. I have for example SHOPS & ONLINE SHOPS is a subcategory, but on the categories page, one does not see any difference, and indeed, if I remember well, same on the link submission form. Is there any way around this if my observations are right?

    I do not get how to use ” url_input” mentioned on the documentation page.

    Thank you … and I will continue adding observations & suggestions …


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    We appreciate your patience with Registration.  Also, let me begin by thanking you for your observations and recommendations. As you have noted, they have been taken into consideration with this release and we will continue to consider community comments for future releases.

    Your first question is actually related to your last comments. The url_input option in the shortcode, will tell the plugin where to link the categories.

    Keeping things simple, remember that your listings are initiated by shortcode, so its impossible for the plugin to know where to link to. As you can see on our http://whatlocalscallit.com example, the listings and categories are on the same page, so it operates as expected.

    For the second question, you are definitely right. There has not been consideration placed in the hierarchy of the categories with the shortcode.  Please paint a picture of how you envision this functionality working?

    BePro Software Team


    kon tiki


    Thank you for the quick response. I was just looking at a simple question I posted 6 months ago on the WP support page of one of the most used directory plugins. Up to today still no response. 😉

    I will continue trying to understand how to best use the plugin.

    I do however request you to consider the option of metric units, which became apparent as I was looking at [filter_form]. The simple reason is whereas the USA & probably GB still quite often use “miles”, pounds, inches, feet, almost the rest of other countries use kilometers, meters, kilograms, Celsius instead of °F, etc. So without taking time to calculate the equivalent of 150 miles in kilometers & that’s if one knows a mile = 1.6 km, it is a bit difficult to easily get distances …

    Just a thought … 😉

    On the second question on categories/subcategories,  I had in mind ONLY MAIN categories being shown on default page. If you clicked on Category “X”, you would be led to a page only listing the subcategories of X & probably links in the main category proper, etc … a bit like in  this directory


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    kon tiki

    … also if one has lots of categories & subcategories, like at the above link (example), in the filter form & indeed on the submission form, how about using a dropdown selection form element? It would take much less space … Was just imagining 20 categories + many more dozen subcategories in the sidebar widget …



    Yes, we do spend more time on average compared to the typical plugin maker on support. You can anticipate continued regular support on all of our products.

    The metric idea definitely makes sense. Here in canada, we don’t use miles either.

    The category/sub-cat setup like the example you proposed, may be introduced in the future when we release our custom url functionality.

    Custom url’s was actually introduced in an earlier version of the plugin. It was removed because of bugs and the need for more testing. The idea is that the plugin evaluates the url and replaces the resulting wordpress template with our template. At the base of this idea are things like country specific listings. However, also in that idea is the ability to reference categories and respond accordingly, like the example layout you proposed.

    Please continue relaying any and all observations you are willing to share. It does make a difference.

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