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    I am fairly new to WordPress having come form website design software where systems are intuitive with complete documentatoins and help files.

    So I am a little frustrated with the quality of documenation here.

    You have listed all the shortcodes but not the way to configure them showing what all the options mean. Your videos and docs only show that you can use variations on each shortcode but does not detail what how to configure each option.

    Does anyone have a list?



    Thanks for the feedback. Have you looked at our documentation on shortcodes?

    BePro Software Team


    Yes I have and that is what I said in my post, that the documentation is incomplete / poor!

    •listing_page – enter any url path under your website url set in admin e.g. (Listings)
    •l_type – pre select category

    This does not tell me how to structure the shortcode with options.
    It doesn’t tell me how to use Ltype and what the variants are!

    I realise it is a free basic plugin and the concept is is good. I am doing a site for a client and I have purhased the Search add on but don’t want to spend more on add ons if this is all the documenation you have. It would be a waste of money. I would rather pay a little extra for the plugins / addons with great documentation rather than pay for support as well as the adons.

    I have built my business on self build platforms where the help files / documenation have been far superior for less cost. HOwever I need the flexibility of a WordPress cms so saying all this as I want to use plugins like Be Pro but you do need to work on documenation. I find this across all plug in suppliers so you could have a big advantage over your competitors if you designed your docs better with a novice in mind!



    We appreciate your feedback and purchase.

    We understand your frustration and can let you in on a little secret. We have committed resources towards revamping our documentation and hope to launch a simpler approach in the upcoming weeks. Your purchases help fund these developments. Lets see if we can get you pointed in the right direction without paid support.

    On the documentation page referenced in our previous post, there is a video focused specifically on visually explaining what shortcodes are and how to use them. Have you had the opportunity to watch that video? Was it helpful for explaining how to use the options? If so, you may be interested in one of our subscription options. We have created in depth video tutorials for BePro Listings, which are only available to paying members. Here is one specifically talking about shortcodes

    In that tutorial above, we specifically talk about url forwarding as outlined in your example above. As this is only part 1 in the series, we do not talk about the category options in that video. Potentially, other aspects of frustration are covered in that video and other existing videos only available to paying members. Your subscription fees help to fund the expansion of these video tutorials.

    For your concern regarding the l_type option, it accepts a single category ID which is then pre-selected in the category dropdown. We have clarified this on our current shortcode documentation page

    BePro Software Team

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