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    I am using BePro Listing and I spend whole days trying to figure out why the shortcodes don’t work:
    [display_listings l_type=”24″] : I always have “your criteria returned no results.”
    [bl_all_in_one l_type=”24″] display all the results even if then don’t belong to category 24
    the other options for those shortcodes seems to work

    I tried to desactivate all the plugins , reinstall Bepro Listing, change theme, create differentes kinds of categories, but nothing changed.

    l_type doesn’t reckognise any of my category_ids…

    Did anybody have a probleme with this shortcode option?

    any help would be very appreciated.



    I read the code and I think there is a problem in the function bepro_get_listings

    line 663 of bepro_listings_functions.php in the latest version:

    $raw_results = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT geo.*, posts.post_title, posts.post_content, posts.post_status FROM “.$wpdb->prefix.BEPRO_LISTINGS_TABLE_NAME.” as geo
    LEFT JOIN “.$wpdb->prefix.”posts as posts on posts.ID = geo.post_id $cat_finder $join_filter WHERE (posts.post_status = ‘publish’ OR posts.post_status = ‘private’) $returncaluse GROUP BY geo.post_id $limit_clause”);

    we never link the listing to a taxonomy. even in the data base, I don’t see any link between term_taxonomy and bepro_listings (as we can see in the previous version of Bepro listings)

    Does anybody know what can be the explanation of this issue?!!!





    forget about the 2nd post I missunderstood the function.

    I found what’s wrong:
    when I create a new listing category, the id I give is not the id in the database (this is normal maybe)
    but when I use l_type option in display_listing I have to write the id in the database and not the one I entered when I created the category.

    the only question remaining : is it normal?!

    so sorry for all this consecutives messages.
    And thanks for the Bepro team for your amazing job




    Thanks for reaching out and sharing this issue.

    The bl_all_in_one shortcode was designed to help new users. In this case, it seems to be confusing you more than helping. The l_type option in this shortcode relates the layouts and not categories. We will use this feedback to refine the options for this shortcode in the future

    We have not received any reports of the l_type option not working for the display_listings shortcode. The issue you are experiencing is not normal. The display_listings shortcode accepts the category ID that wordpress uses and it can be retrieved from the wordpress “BePro Listings->Category” admin page. Can you confirm that you are in fact using BePro Listings categories and not wordpress post categories?

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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