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    I have started to look at your plugin.

    I am looking to move from a theme based directory to your plugin.

    Before I invest too much time I need to know if the plugin can support three tiers for categories.

    Category >> Sub Category >> Sub Sub Category

    For example

    Boating has the subcat > Boat Manufacturers > which in turn has a sub category > Aluminium Boats


    Boating >> Boat Manufacturers >> Aluminium Boats

    I want the visitor to be able to drill down through the categories before they see any listings.

    There may be feature listing for each category but that would be a bonus feature and not required initially.

    The second thing I need to know is can I just produce a list of listings which will go to the website directly from the list without opening a details page that then the visitor can click through from?

    The third thing I would like to know is can I modify the A3 listing template?

    I do not want to display a map and I want the category images to be more rectangular than square.

    Thanks in anticipation.




    1) Partially. Categories are managed by wordpress. They do not handle 3 tiers well so you should test that before you move forward with that idea at all
    2) Yes there is an option in the admin
    3) Yes. But that would be a waste of resources and time. Why not simple use the necessary shortcodes minus the map feature. In fact, why not just turn off the geo features altogether?

    Ultimately, BePro Listings is very flexible. However you must invest time in understanding how to configure it for your needs

    BePro Software Team



    I forgot to mention one more thing about the categories. Because of the wordpress limitations, in some cases, we have broken away from their functions for displaying the categories. Specifically, our widget search filter should show the 3 layers of categories.

    You should test this thoroughly before making any purchases.

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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