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    I am planning to buy the gold pack with most of the plugins included.

    I had below questions:
    Booking – Setup your availability and allow users to schedule time. Perfect for real estate, vehicle, hotel, and other niche sites
    Does this allow the listing owner to set up the availability for his listing or the site admin needs to set up the listing. For example if it is a hotel listing site, can the hotel owner who has listed set his availability.

    I saw in FAQ section that featured listings are allowed. I also read through the documentation. But I am a little confused. Does it allow individual listings to be marked featured (as against entire categories)? Does it ensure that the featured listings are displayed on top of the list?

    Has the sorting option been added to the product?

    Is there a way the contact form can be linked as a pop-up in the listings page when the list is rendered so that the visitor can contact/book from the front page etc, instead of going inside the details.

    Please list the features which would not be available from the above list and how much they will cost.


    Also if there is a particular theme that provides all these features please let me know.



    1) Yes, the person who created the listing can manage the availability
    2) Featured listings do not have preferential ranking. However, they can be selected via shortcode. This allows you to place the featured listings in a prominent position on your website like we did on our example
    3) Yes, if i understand your question correctly. Via shortcode options, you can change the order of listings, by date, ascending, etc
    4) The only way to do this would be via custom coding. We do not currently provide a solution which does this. We can definitely add an icon and pop up feature for you within 5 hours of wordpress development

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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