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    Hello, I am planning to begin to try make some changes to the code of the BePro plugin. I am wondering if there is a best way to go about doing this. By way of example, in order to customize a WordPress theme, I create a Child Theme, and make my changes within the Child Theme. Is there a comparable way of modularizing BePro Listings customizations, or should I just go ahead and make changes directly to the BePro Listings plugin? Are there any “best practices” for customization? Is there a way to make customizations inherit from BePro Listings, so that when BePro Listings is updated, I can upgrade without having to go back through and re-customize?

    With regard to CSS, I have a very specific goal. I am hoping to adjust the spaces between form fields. I plan to start by experimenting with /dist/formbuilder.css. Is that the right place to begin, or should I try to do this using my WordPress Child Theme? Thanks as always.



    Actually, BePro Listings has over 18 addons. Each of them integrate via wordpress hooks and filters. This is a system invented by wordpress and is designed to help you extend our features without affecting the core plugin


    Once you understand the general concept of hooks and filters, you can use ours to create your own addons

    BePro Listings Hooks
    BePro Listings Filters

    Regarding the css, the styles included with our plugins and addons are designed to be override. By that I mean, you should be able to write css which targets html elements better or completely override our css. You should do this without editing the css files that are packaged with the plugins or addons

    We update BePro Listings almost weekly. Hooks and Filters are the only real way to achieve long term integration. The following tutorials explain how you would override templates using hooks and filters


    We are working on new video documentation targeted to our technical members and extending BePro Listings. You can anticipate seeing them released over the upcoming days and weeks

    BePro Software Team


    Thanks, this is very useful information. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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