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    I have installed:

    BePro listings
    BePro Listings Business Directory
    BePro Listings Form Builder

    What I am hoping for is to actually get notified via email when people submit a new listing so we can go moderate it. This didn’t happen out of the box apparently.

    So I installed
    BePro Email

    Still nothing happens. Looking at your guide about BePro Email which dosnt really tell me anything.

    I’m baffled about what to fill in as hook, tracker etc.. All I could really think of was to use the hooks and tracker I could find in your code that initializes the email sending from bepro_listings_functions.php

    //email 2
    $email[“post_title”] = “New Listing”;
    $email[“post_content”] = “Your received a new submission on [website_url].”;
    $email[“bpe_owner”] = “bepro_listings”;
    $email[“bpe_times_sent”] = “0”;
    $email[“bpe_mail_agent”] = “wp_mail”;
    $email[“bpe_email_to”] = “[admin_user_email]”;
    $email[“bpe_hook”] = “bepro_listings_add_listing”;
    $email[“bpe_tracker”] = “bl_email2”;
    $email[“bpe_max_send”] = “”;

    I tried using hook: bepro_listings_add_listing
    and Tracker bl_email2

    That just resulted in failure when submitting a new listing by a user.

    So please – how does one get this to work? 🙂



    Your best best is to leave BePro Email activated but delete all of the emails you tried to create. Then deactivate and reactivate both BePro Listings and the form builder. As they advertise, if BePro Email is installed, they will load their notifications into it

    Let me know if that helps

    BePro Software Team


    I did also try that before hand and have tried again.

    I even reinstalled Bepro listings and it didn’t create any emails.



    Ok, if you send an administrator login/pass to [email protected], we will check it out

    BePro Software Team


    It is a big QA regulated client site. I cannot just make a random admin user sorry.

    Isn’t there some predefined data I can make the 2 emails with? The ones that are supposed to autocreate on activation.



    Thanks for explaining your situation.

    Yes, you can create the emails by yourself. You posted the data from the code. What happens when you enter those values into BePro Email? Are you receiving any emails? Are the numbers in the admin reflecting that its sent something?

    Also, the form builder triggers a unique hook for each form you create. This is explained in the following documentation article


    My suggestion would be to try it with the bepro_listings_add_listing hook since every form submission will trigger that. Once you get that to work, then you can switch to form specific notifications.

    BePro Software Team



    I just created one of them (the latter) – just wanted admin notified of a new submission.

    When that was activated, then the submission itself would quitely be submitted to backend, but fail upon hitting Save (as a user), screen would change, but form dissapear and some kind of error happens (no output at all), and no emails are sent either.
    Screenshot after submissing a listing while Email is activated:

    Looks somehow like this before I hit Save: http://prntscr.com/57yzme and ought to return to this page with a Success message.

    I have to delete the email I made manually, to get the actual BePro Listings to work again when submissing new listings.

    This is what I put in under BePro email when I manually make it: (i removed my email for the purpose of screenshot)
    I’v tried using the tracker from code, but same result.



    Thanks for sharing those screen shots. Here are our thoughts

    1. Owner should be “bepro_listings” not “text”
    2. Email to should be “[admin_user_email]”
    3. Tracker should be “bl_email2”

    Also, i suggest deactivating all other plugins not created by BePro Software, to eliminate the possibility of conflicts during testing.

    BePro Software Team


    I can confirm making those changes produce same result (empty page upon submission of new listing) and no email is sent/recieved.

    Wont be easy to disable working plugins on this site, it is not a test/dev site but a live site – do you have any known plugins you conflict with?



    Lets try a function that has nothing to do with BePro Listings. We will keep everything the same except the following

    1. Owner: wordpress
    2. Hook: wp_login

    Let me know what happens when you login.

    BePro Software Team



    There was an issue with version 1.0.1 which has been fixed in version 1.0.11. Let us know if you have better results with the new version

    BePro Software Team


    Working on same problems. Nothing works with BePro Email version 1.0.03 – which was included in my order delivered yesterday, 1/2/2015… where can I get the latest version.

    I’ve tried the wp_login hook. Doesn’t work.

    WordPress 4.1 running Best theme.
    BePro Listings – Version 2.1.83
    BePro Form Builder – Version 1.0.27
    BePro Email – Version 1.0.03
    BuddyPress – Version 2.1.1

    Where can I get version 1.0.1 or 1.0.11?



    Version 1.0.3 is the latest version of BePro Email.

    Are you certain that email services are working on your server? Are you currently receiving any other emails from, your server, wordpress or any plugins? Have you tried installing BePro Email on a different server?

    Can you confirm that BePro Email is installed correctly? When looking at the plugin via ftp, is the folder and file named as follows wp-content/plugins/bepro_email/bepro_email.php

    If you are sure that email services are working, can you share a screenshot with one of your BePro Email settings, like you did with this screenshot? http://prntscr.com/57z0ic

    Hopefully we can figure out whats wrong and have this working for you today.
    BePro Software Team


    Hello guys, I think I may have found a possible solution to problem.
    in the BePro Email options, set the
    ‘Email Agent’ to ‘Mail’
    in the ‘Add New’ page, leave it as ‘wp_mail’

    Also make sure to add <?php wp_head();?> before the <head> tag in your header.php file
    and add <?php wp_footer();?> before the </body> tag in your footer.php file.

    That should work.

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