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    Your instruction for installing the BePro listing provides the below optional feature:

    “(optional) If interested in having users manage their own listings, create a profile page and name it “My Listings”. In the content of that page, place the following shortcode [bl_my_listings]”

    What do you mean my creating a “profile page”? How will the user just see their listing and not other user listings. I guess the key is creating a “profile page”. How do you create a “profile page” in WordPress”?



    Create an page. Call it profile, my listings, or anything else you would like. Then place the shortcode [bl_my_listings] on the created page

    Thanks for alerting us to your difficulty following the instructions. We will strive to clarify the steps and make it easier for you to implement the various features. Have you viewed our into video which walks you through the installation steps?

    BePro Software Team


    Thanks you for replying in such a short time!

    Thanks for clearing this up. More important to my question is, how will the user be able to edit “their’ own listings. Do you assign a unique random number when users add listings? If I am missing something, please point me to the right place (doc).

    Another question:

    I notice when a listing is displayed, it launches a default layout of WordPress. Can you point me to where I can change this so the listing display layout points to “my layout”.

    Much Thanks…


    PS – I am asking these questions because I demonstrating your plugin versus Another WP Classified plugin.



    Every listing generates its own page, so it has a wordpress assigned post ID. Each use can manage their own listing like any page or post they created. We talk about the feature in our documentation

    Unfortunately, I do not understand what you are referring to regarding the listing layout. Are you referring to the details page or search results? In either case, you cannot simply point it somewhere else. You will need to specifically create template files for use with BePro Listings

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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