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    Stephanie Qiao

    Hi, I just installed both BePro Listings and BePro Cart. I cannot find out how to charge for a listing before publishing the post. I tried searching your forum but the information is inadequate. The monetize wordpress instructions say I need a basic or premium account to see it. When I go to register, the link to register are not links.

    Please help.
    Thank you


    Hi Stephanie,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. We are happy to help. All information in our documentation section is free. Consider searching for all of your questions there:

    We have free videos and extensive documentation to help you. The information stored under the learning section is for advanced users who would like to learn more and support our plugin development

    Regarding your setup, have you configured the plugin to charge a flat rate or charge per category? Also, which form are you testing with, form builder, front end form shortcode, front end profile form, admin listing submission?

    Stephanie Qiao

    Hi BePro, thank you for your reply.

    To answer your question, I set my plugin to charge a flat fee. In the link, I set it up the way at 55 seconds but there is no “pay” button, only “package 1” “package 2” radio buttons to select from, and, when I test it as a user not logged in, it either lets me publish without paying or just stays on “listing saved” and pending in the back end of WordPress.

    Stephanie Qiao

    Just realised, in my dashboard in WordPress, it says that BePro Listings is untested with my version of WordPress. But I have the latest version of WordPress, 5.6 at the moment.
    Also, here is a screenshot of what my submissions page looks like:
    As you can see, I have the $10 one time payment package selected but it let me proceed without charging me, and it said cost is 0.


    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for sharing these extra details.

    1. The plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.6 which was recently released. We will update the plugin shortly to reflect this

    2. Regarding your comment about Package 1 and Package 2. This sounds like Package 1 you set to $0 allowing free submissions and package 2 you set a cost that requires the payment (pending).

    I am assuming your question is: how to forward the user to the shopping cart, as in the case with package 2 where a payment is required? In this case:

    • Users can pay from their profile page
    • Add the redirect option to the create_listing_form shortcode e.g. [create_listing_form redirect=””]

    BePro Software Team

    Stephanie Qiao

    Can you give me/us some detailed instructions? You have a lot of features and documentation but they really aren’t very helpful, a lot of your links lead to 404s and the video instructions are hard to follow.

    I am still having trouble setting up a system to allow paid front end submissions.
    I created a page for viewing the cart, and called it “your-shopping-cart”.
    Then I changed the shortcode, after much trial and error, to
    [create_listing_form redirect=your-shopping-cart/] (ie, just the URL slug segment)
    and NOT
    [create_listing_form redirect=””] as it seems you are instructing me above.
    It still does not require payment and just shows a page that says my cart is empty, even though I selected a package.
    Also no, the 2 test packages I made are both paid, set at different prices, one for a post with 30 days validity, one with 1 year validity. Please check out this page and try and submit a listing yourself to see what I mean:
    Also, is there a way for front end users to edit their listing after they paid for and submitted it?

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    If there is a 404 on our website please share it here.

    All users can manage their listings on the frontend as explained in detail in the videos shared previously and here

    Please confirm this works exactly as described in the documentation link above, then we can move on to your other issues
    BePro Software Team


    Hi Stephanie,

    For this round of troubleshooting, please also confirm that “Add price to cart” is selected on the following admin page

    – WP Admin -> BePro Listings -> Options | Payments Tab
    BePro Software Team

    Stephanie Qiao

    Hello BePro Software Team.
    I am unable to find the 404 I saw before, anymore. If I find it again, I will let you know.

    However, the contents under “Documentation” heading on this page: only shows a short code. Is that intended?

    Also to answer your question, yes, I have checked the “add price to cart”. I have also checked “Publish after confirm Paid?”. I have not set up a business paypal account yet as I am testing only. It is set to ‘flat fee’. I expect that it would still ask me to pay before publishing the listing, then fail to publish when I refuse to pay/cannot pay, but right now it just publishes straightaway or in the back end, says pending and I have to manually approve it (without charging). Imagine manually approving hundreds of listings.


    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for that notification. That documentation page was broken and is now available.

    It’s a smart idea to start your journey by testing the plugin. Our team has identified an issue with the BePro Listings payment feature and released a fix in the latest plugin version 3.1.0002. Your setup should work with this new plugin. Let us know how it works for you

    Also, note that we have updated BePro Cart to 1.0.10.

    BePro Software Team

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