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    I have a few issues with the form builder:

    1. When I inserted the form builder shortcode to the page it is making the form tall and skinny with all the form text bunched up to the left of the page. Please let me know how I can get it to display nicely.

    2. On the defualt form it had an area at the bottom for users to login in. I only want people to be able to submit an ad if they are logged in and have paid for their membership, so how do I add this to the listings page again?

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing back.



    1. Customizing the form layout requires custom css that you or your developer implement.

    2. Form Builder registration is documented

    If users need to be logged in before posting, then stop using the front end form and only use the user profile shortcode “My Listings”. Users must be logged in to access that page.
    BePro Software Team


    Hi again,

    In response to your message about point 1 – The form should not look the way it does without customising the css.
    Seeing as I paid $50 for the form add on I believe it should display correctly.

    This is the link to the page –



    We visited your website and understand your perspective. Does the Form look any different with one of the stock wordpress themes e.g. (twentythirteen, twentyfifteen, etc)? It looks like the css from your theme is already overriding some of the css packaged with the plugin.

    Ultimately, the Form Builder is demoed in various ways including:

    – Documentation videos and articles
    – Several example photos
    – is an example of the Form Builder and it links to other examples
    – The stock FREE BePro Listings form has the same layout

    In addition, the Form Builder product description clearly outlines the following as upcoming features

    • Break form into pages
    • Multiple columns for form fields

    You have received exactly what has been advertised. If you would like to alter how the Form looks today, you must add custom css like this customer has suggested

    Alternatively, you can articulate your specific need and we will consider it a request. Our changelog record clearly shows that we have continued to refine and upgrade the Form Builder since its launch. In addition, forum posts demonstrate our willingness to communicate with the community and address various concerns. Please be patient as we continue to add new features to this product. For example, the next upgrade will include the new category select box feature (already added to BePro Listings), providing a “clean” alternative to check boxes. We also intend to make some adjustments to field labels

    The Form Builder is unique, delivering tons of features never before seen on wordpress. This is why it costs $50 and the price will go up over the coming months as we release new features. If your need for evolution is urgent, contact us via [email protected] so we can provide a quote. Otherwise, we would be happy to listen and consider your concerns for future releases.
    BePro Software Team



    I have checked it with the WordPress themes and it is still displaying the same way with the text bunched up on the left of the page.
    So it’s not the theme that is overriding the form settings.


    I’ve looking through your problem and I have to agree with the Bepro team.
    Working with plugins needs at least a minimum understanding of web elements.
    The Listing plugin is not a simple one and not a complete on either as it is still under development.

    You can add a plugin to allow you to overwrite css rules if your theme does not have one.

    You will get technical help if you put the right questions here or on technical websites like for example – but again – you need a minimum amount of knowledge.

    A great place to start is – they explain everything about html, css, dom, javascript, php… start with the basics and progress.

    Don’t get discouraged!

    If you can’t figure it out by yourself – ask for someone to help you customize your css.
    Bepro team allows you the option to buy development time from them.
    You can also attend to freelancer websites to get help with web development – probably much cheaper. Most likely with 5-10$ your problem is solved.

    Good luck.


    Hi @Emilydove,

    If you are referring to the label width, as noted in reply #6038, you can anticipate seeing tweaks released in upcoming versions of BePro Listings. The Form Builder takes the majority of its frontend css styles from the 100% FREE BePro Listings plugin.

    If you are referring to something else, let us know
    BePro Software Team

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