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    Hello, I was able to purchase, download, and install Form Builder. First of all, nice job, and thank you for the excellent technical support. I am excited to put this to use.

    In a nutshell, it appears that the Form Builder is linked to [create_listing_form]. That is to say, when I make changes using Form Builder, those updates appear in the [create_listing_form] area. This is great, because that is exactly the area that I was hoping to update. It sounds like there are lots of plans to expand the Form Builder in the future. I expect that it will continue to become more and more awesome.

    I am hoping to eliminate most of the form fields in the [create_listing_form]. I am able to do this — to some extent — with Form Builder. However, there are a few fields which have a star next to them, which obviously should not be removed. {Sidenote: For testing purposes, I went ahead and removed some of these fields anyway. It appears that once the fields are removed, the only way to get them back is to uninstall Form Builder and re-install it.}

    The three “sacred” form fields which should not be removed are:
    Item Name *
    Description *
    Location Information *

    It appears that when a person clicks on the ‘Save Listing’ button, the following three fields are validated:
    Item Name — cannot be blank
    Description — must contain at least two separate words
    Country — cannot be blank

    It appears that the Country field is required so that all listings can be automatically assigned a geo location for use with the map feature.

    In an ideal world, I would like to be able to remove the ‘Description’ and ‘Location Information’ fields completely. However, I recognize that other parts of the plugin are affected, so it may not be possible to immediately get rid of all of that.

    FEATURE REQUEST: At a minimum, I would appreciate being able to remove all of the ‘Location Information’ fields except for the Country field, which I think is the only location field that gets validated.

    I realize that you probably receive a lot of feature requests, so no hurries no worries. Also, I will begin to examine the php side of things to see if I can remove some fields manually.

    Thanks as always for creating a fantastic product.



    Thanks for the feedback. When you do get a chance to download version 1.0.6, you should be able to remove the description, item and location fields without an issue. However, for the form to work, item name is definitely required.

    The hope is to remove the need for item name altogether in a future version. At that point, it would just be a contact form. This is an important step for phase two of the form builder. We just need to make sure it works for its primary goal first, which is accepting directory submissions

    Also note that we recommend deleting the plugin altogether to upgrade to 1.0.6. We hope to remove the need for this deletion step with future versions.

    Your patience and continued feedback is very much appreciated. Support like this is exactly what we need to develop robust wordpress solutions.

    BePro Software Team


    Awwwwesome! I just tested out Form Builder 1.0.6, and I am able to eliminate the Description and Location fields, and I am still able to create new listings. This makes my day.


    Great!!! That’s exactly what we were hoping to see. Thanks for the feedback

    BePro Software Team

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