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    The form I built in the Form Builder is not showing on the front end. It’s just showing the basic default fields, Item, Description and Cost. The form I built has an id of 2, so maybe it’s not referencing cause of that. I can call the form’s shortcode, but then I can’t use the listings front-end admin. It doesn’t allow me to select what form to use when someone on the front end clicks on the create new listing link.

    The support team said they didn’t understand the issue and to post here. I’ve spent over $120 so far following their advice, and have been dealing with issues for a month now just trying to make it function properly unable to go live with the site. I really need this resolved this week, I’ve put off my client for weeks trying to make this function appropriately…

    Here’s some screenshots:
    The default form (instead of the form builder form) that is pulled when clicking create new listing from the front end:
    Front End Form
    The Form Builder Form I want to use:
    Form Builder Form
    The form ID. This generates the new listing form on a page, but I cannot use it in conjunction with the listings front end admin:
    Form ID
    The front end shortcode that allows you to view listings and edit or create.
    Page code

    Let me know if I’m calling any values incorrectly and what I can do to find a solution.



    We are the only free technical support team available. We offer quotes and purchasing support via email. We apologize if this was not clarified. In addition to forum support, if you need time sensitive assistance, we offer verbal consultations and development hours.

    There has been considerable development and new features introduced since you purchased the plugin. The ability to create multiple forms is one of these new features. We are happy to hear that you have found uses for these new features in your project

    The forms you create can be selected from the profile page via a select box. The “create new listing” link you referred to, has been removed since version 1.0.15. This can be seen via the following screen shot

    If you are seeing a link instead of the drop down, then you should upgrade to the latest version of the form builder. Download the latest version from your My Accounts page

    If you are having trouble upgrading the plugin let us know. Otherwise, contact us here once you have confirmed there is a drop down (select box) with the form options available.

    BePro Software Team



    I have the latest Form Builder software installed. I did not receive the drop-down until I made an empty default form afterward, which then allowed me to access the form I like over the default. A bug you might want to look into for the next patch, maybe?

    Thanks for the help!



    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for confirming that you found a solution. We are committed to providing support for our free and paid products. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you hit road blocks

    We will try to replicate the issue you were having. Its very important to us that the form builder is robust. As the form builder is new, you can anticipate frequent patches and the introduction of new features in future updates.

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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