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    We are excited to announce our involvement in the development of FolioProjects. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform is a cloud based solution for managing the operations for organizations of various sizes and goals.

    FolioProjects helps you to measure the performance of your project and share it with others. It’s goal is to be your engine for coordinating people, applications, and resources within your organization.

    We developed the foundation of an internal Artificial Intelligence engine to support users of the platform with project suggestions based on historic performance of similar endeavours. This is called HueFlux.

    We also recently integrated FolioProjects with ChatGPT to deliver predictions and suggestions about each project. This is a world premiere from our quick google search. HueFlux is another engine we hope will soon be able to provide the same support. We also anticipate the rise of other AI platforms in the future, and plan to integrate with them too, offering end users the option to select which is best for their needs.

    Read more about it below. Feel free to ask any questions or share suggestions for the evolution of FolioProjects

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