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    I have spent the better part of a day trying to figure out how this plugin actually works and if I am honest I have gotten absolutely no where and am starting to wonder if it is a bit of a con to be honest so would like a little bit of reassurance that the money I have just invested in a basic membership is not in vein.

    I have read through the documents and feel that a simple step by step guide as to how the plugin works would not go amiss. I feel like a simpleton. I have read through the reviews of the plugin and all look good however I cannot for the life of me find any information on how you set it up.

    I am a wordpress user of about tthree years now and would like to think I know my way around the back end. So how do I actually create a directory, get people to submit posts and integrate that with my theme.

    I understand that all you need templates yet all I get when I click on the links is a sitemap and a error message saying the links are broken or the site could not found what I am looking for.

    I purchased a basic membership as it advertised that I would get access to videos that will guide me through the process step by step. Something which I would greatly appreciate yet all I get is a link taking me back to the shop where I can subscribe to the same membership I just bought.

    Could anyone please help me get started with this and actually direct me to what I actually get for the subscription of $10.00 I just paid for Please.

    Thanks you



    I also installed the Business directory plugin however can find nothing relating to it in the back end. Can you please advise this also. Thank you.



    The business directory plugin does not have any admin features. It adds a set of shortcodes for new business related layouts. BePro Listings already has all of the necessary admin features to control these new layouts

    Its important to note that our free addons usually do not possess all of the features of paid addons. Each addon will say clearly what it offers on its documentation page. A great place to start would be here:

    Membership is a new addition on As you alluded to, videos are being created and posted as fast as we can. For example, take a look at this video post regarding templates:

    Or this one regarding a general approach to setting up the plugin

    We always recommend that users try our $1 wordpress themes or purchase 1 hour of product support before investing anything further. However, note that the membership offers many perks like, discounts, free downloads/products, and access to restricted content.

    We are currently redesigning our website to make this information easier to access. Your patience and support during this process is greatly appreciated. If there is something in particular that you would like help with, let us know, and someone from our team will try to assist.

    BePro Software Team


    Hi there Admin

    Thank you for your reply.

    I appreciate your position however I hope you can appreciate my frustration of having purchased something and having no idea where to actually get what I paid fr. Where do I actually access the content that is on the site? As there is no designated section or information on how to apply discounts etc as far as I can see.

    Thank you for the links you shared, 2 of them I have read through prior to purchasing the membership but have looked over them again and think I understand things a little better. What is the list I signed up for???

    I opted for the basic membership as I do not want to disrupt my present theme as the directory is only part of the site I am building and not the whole of it and do not want to disrupt the other configurations I have been working on. I do not have the funds to opt for the training at present but will consider this an option in the future.

    Is the membership i paid for a one shot or re-occuring membership. If it is re-occuring then how can I cancel please – thank you.




    Hello Jared,

    The membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time via paypal. Simply edit the transaction. In fact, if you confirm it here, I can end your subscription for you. Otherwise, here is an in-depth article with step by step instructions

    It is not possible for anyone to see the videos in the first link I sent without membership. That is a perfect example of access to content that is not available otherwise. Log out and revisit the page to verify

    For members, every product has a reduced price as soon as you login. Its the exact same products that everyone else sees, your price is simply lower. Again, logout to verify but once logged out, add a membership product to the cart. Notice how all prices in the store change to reflect the discount offered by that membership level. Note, you may need to refresh the page.

    There is also access to member only downloads. For example, take a look at this new theme we are working on. The only users who can see a download link are subscribers.

    The mailing list you signed up for is optional. It is designed to send members updates and details regarding their specific membership type.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to educate other potential customers. Once you have had a chance to verify the points listed above, consider posting your findings for other readers. If you have any other questions or concerns, simply reach out.

    BePro Software Team


    No thank you 🙂

    I will not be cancelling my membership but just wanted to clear unless there was a problem at some point but I am getting my head around the plugin now. Lol – I think it was too simple, I was expecting it to be more complex than it actually is.

    Thank you for all your help – I will be having another play and will write a review on the wordpress directory later tonight when I get home.

    Apologies if my tone in the OP was slightly off – I was merely frustrated. Thank you again for your help…



    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for your feedback and patience.

    We believe the upcoming redesign of our documentation and website will make it easier to find useful information. You can anticipate seeing these changes over the upcoming weeks and months.

    Your membership is very important to us and we are working very hard to improve the benefits. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out

    BePro Software Team

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