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    As mentioned in my previous post, the “bl1” type display_listing is exactly what my customer needs. When I tested this with the Twenty Fifteen theme it looked good. However, once I install into the primary site which uses the MAGREV theme I have problems. The “bl1b” type displays as expected. However, the “bl1” type is dramatically different! The bottom bar and sidebar (where the search filter widget is) are reversed. The search filter widget is now at the bottom of the page and the bottom matter stuff is now on the side.

    I know the finger could be pointed at the MAGREV theme but the fact that bl1b works fine with it and bl1 doesn’t, I’m just hoping there is a simple solution from your end.




    Thanks for letting us know.

    Ultimately, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The plugin must provide a few default layouts so that users can see whats possible. However, we also want to provide users with the opportunity to easily override the look/feel of the listings. So our css is made with this in mind. This explains how your theme’s css is altering the layout

    Unfortunately, your best bet is to get a developer to apply some custom css to fix the issue. It sounds like a fairly quick job for anyone who knows html/css.

    BePro Software Team


    Thanks for the response. However, the look/feel of the bl1 & bl1b types are identical, the content is the only thing different, right? (one is the listing name and the other is the contact first/last name).

    Can you point me to where I would look for the css difference in bl1 and bl1b? (I have looked and all I can find is bl_business_directory_1.css which is used for both bl1 & bl1b.) Any pointers would be appreciated.



    I have found what the issue is and have documented the problem in detail in post 4415 ( )

    This topic can be considered closed.

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