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    All of the [display_listings] shortcode options produce the same results for me. Here is an example on this page of each of the variations below: :

    My goal is to lay out the directory listings as a row each, rather than thumbnails and show in alpha order.

    [display_listings type=bl1]

    [display_listings type=bl1b]

    [display_listings type=bl2]

    [display_listings type=bl2b]

    [display_listings type=bl3]

    [display_listings type=bl4]



    My assumption is that you are referring to the Business Directory addon. Do you have it installed? I ask because those shortcodes would have the result you noted, without that addon activated.

    BePro Software Team


    Aha! That did the trick. Case closed.


    I’ve got another problem now. I’m using [display_listings type=bl2] and the titles (or listing item name) is not showing up on my page at . Company names should be displaying. Can you help?



    You will need contact features turned on to use that feature. While examining your website, we could not find any. Can you confirm that this feature is turned on in the BePro Listings->Options menu? It will be on the first tab

    BePro Software Team


    Aha! Now I have the titles (item names) displaying correctly at

    Is there anyway to have the shortcode display or suppress certain information on the listings page? For instance, I’d like to display the description field but not necessarily display some of the contact information like email and website.



    At that point, your best bet is to use the our Visual Drag & Drop Form Builder addon. It will allow you to edit or delete the information that shows up on the listing details page.

    BePro Software Team


    Okay, I’ll check out that plug-in next.

    I think I may have found a bug.

    Notice the email address is showing for “AgileThought 2” on the listings page at but is marked private on the details page at

    My settings on the Page/Post options tab are as follows:

    Show Details – checked
    Link on Details – unchecked
    Protect Contact – checked
    Show Content – checked



    Thanks for sharing this issue with us. Someone from our team will investigate and update this post when a fix is released

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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