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    I’ve discovered a major problem with the navigation of a site using the [display_listing_categories] shortcode. If you click on any of the listing categories the list of categories disappears and is replaced with text that states the Category name you selected. But here is where the navigation problem comes in. There is no link to show all the Categories again. The back button on the web browser only takes you back to the previous page you were on before you entered the page with the Listing Categories. This is because when you click a Listing Category it doesn’t take you to a new page, it only changes the text on the page (from list to selected category name) and presents the listings of the selected category. Any chance of you updating the shortcode to include a simple “all categories” link to make them come back in view?



    Great suggestion, I will move this post to the “requests” section and pass it on to the team. With that said, the shortcode is working exactly as planned

    When you click a category, it is replaced with its sub categories. If there are no sub categories, it will relay that info. Also, any listing that’s related to that category will show up.

    The categories feature was designed to work on the same page as the “basic” and “filter” search features. When used in tandem:

    – Each search feature comes with a “clear search” button.
    – The search filter shows the selected categories as a check box

    These options are how we expected the visitor would navigate the categories.

    BePro Software Team


    I discover this topic (existing since 2014). We are in 2017 and I get exaclty same problem ! It means you did not offer a solution since 3 years…

    I am using [display_listing_categories] as a menu for my listing, at the left part of a [display_listings].

    what I expect with a click on a category, is to display the list of corresponding listings. That works well. The url remains the same and display a list of listing for the selected category. The code related to the categories menu still appears on the left part of the page, but it displays “no category”, which does not means anything.

    Example here :

    For me, it is a major bug. Thanks to fix it or please provide another solution…

    I am discovering your plugin since a week (only) and I have already found a lot of bugs.
    As I paid for some of your plugins, I hope to have quickly a solution 🙁

    Here is the code I used onto the catalogue page :

    `<table border=”1″ width=”100%”>
    <td colspan=”2″>[search_form]</td>
    <td width=”20%”>[display_listing_categories ctype=”4″ url_input=”liste-‘des-formations”]</td>

    (Grr… I don’t your forum’s editor, always in code mode ! Please, change it !)

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    As noted in the reply to the original user, the plugin is working exactly as designed. This is not a bug and will not be addressed as one. Our team will condsider it as a feature add in future versions of the plugins and themes

    To cancel any filter, you can click the clear search button. We consider this to be a perfect solution to any user who would like to revert selections. This can be seend in any of our demos e.g.
    BePro Software Team

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