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    Am running BePro Listings on a an xampp server on my computer and I am having database table ERROR.
    This is causing a few problems, which I believe is preventing my form builder plugin to not work as well…
    The BPL Status is as follows:
    BePro Listings

    Database Tables ERROR
    File Path bepro-listings/bepro_listings.php
    Google API OK
    Result Templates OK


    File Get Contents OK
    Memory Limit 256M
    Max Upload Size 2M
    PHP Time Limit 30
    ASP Tags OFF


    Type Apache/2.4.23 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2h PHP/5.6.28
    IP Address ::1
    Protocol HTTPS

    Are you able to advise?
    I have tried uninstalling the two plugins and reinstalling them, and have already input categories which seem to still be intact.
    Just to confirm…. my Form Builder Plugin does not display any info when I try to edit a form….
    My previous Login was ‘Jill’, but no longer have the details of my login:)



    Yes, the database error would prevent both plugins from functioning. What other plugins do you have installed, can you share a screenshot of your plugins page?

    BePro Software Team


    Hi BePro Team….
    I’m very sorry to have not let you know. I have managed to sort this problem:)
    Thanks for your response:)


    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the update. We are happy both plugins are now working for you
    BePro Software Team


    Hi again…. I apologise but I was replying to another message I left on the forum (Re: Database error).
    I am still experiencing problems with the form builder software which seems to be using the ‘form names’ to populate the category filter. When I select one, the form inserts information from another form and then fails to submit info….



    Are you able to share a screenshot of the form names in the category filter?

    BePro Software Team


    Hi there BePro Crew 🙂
    I have tried to overcome the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling both ‘Listings’ and ‘Form Builder’…
    It is interesting…. It does seem to respond differently… The Form Builder Plugin seems to be back to where it was…. The Issues that I am finding with this plugin are:

    1. Parent category selector does not work (I assume that this should allow the presentation or selection of a parent category, followed by the selection of a sub category)
    2. The category selector looks ‘wrong’, with the categories sitting ‘outside the parameter of the box slightly and looks ‘clunky’.

    When the category selection on the form was ‘going wrong’ before, it seemed to use the form names as if they were ‘parent categories’. When you selected one, it would provide a list of the ‘sub categories’ associated with the form in a checkbox format… is it possible that the plugin can function in this way, as it looked great, it just didn’t work:)

    I can email images if you wish but I do not have them online:)

    On the upside, the ‘listings’ shortcode generator does seem to work now with the include listings, however:

    1. The category shortcode does not seem to work if you specify a category, it just displays all categories.


    Hi Stopher,

    Thanks for sharing details of your approach so far.

    1. What values have you entered for parent, excluded and required in the Form Builder edit screen?
    2. This could be a result of css. What happens when you look at the plugin using another wordpress theme?

    On the Bepro Listings->Options admin page and the form tab, what do you have selected for the “Category Style”?

    Our development team is investigating the shortcode builder issue.

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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