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    Is it possible to change the currency. If yes how? I want to change the currency from $ to Rs.




    Thanks for reaching out.

    We have made various attempts to make sure that BePro Listings does not specify currency. The only use of the currency sign US/CAD($) should be in the admin

    Unfortunately, there are no current plans to address this issue. Is currency something you would like to:

    A) See in a future version?
    B) Hire BePro Software Team to customize specifically for you?

    BePro Software Team



    I’ve just installed your plugin and the listing is showing the currency.

    Cost – $250.00
    Address – , , ,

    How do I change/disable this?

    obviously having the wrong currency on show is a bit of show stopper and we’d have to look at an alternative plugin.



    Thanks for reaching out.

    Since this post is over a year old, it does not reflect the current state of BePro Listings. You can change the currency sign shown throughout BePro Listings, via the admin menu BePro Listings->Options. At the bottom of the “Search/Listings” tab, you will see the “Currency sign” option.

    Consider getting one of our subscriptions starting at $10/Mo, which provides access to our library video documentation. There, we walk you through all admin options including managing currency

    If you like BePro Listings, consider leaving a review or
    BePro Software Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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