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    Cheryl James

    I know you are not the creators of cubepoints, but I cannot believe this doesn’t already exist.

    Cheryl James

    I am very disappointed that there is no support at the moment from the makers of Cubepoints.

    I have just built my site around woocommerce, woocube, and cubpoints.  The combination is incredible.

    Thanks to this site for making this plugin available!

    I am looking for a Cubepoints module to award points for sharing the site via facebook and twitter.  I am shocked that I cannot find anything that does not rely on Buddypress.

    Does anyone know of such a module?  Or where I can go to have one written?


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    We cant believe that the cubepoints website doesnt work anymore. Our team is in the same boat, confused about the future of that plugin. Our team has actually dropped the plugin for all  of our current and future projects. Very unfortunate.

    With that said, this sounds like an interesting idea. From a quick google search it seems like others are also interested in the plugin.

    If other member’s voice their interest in having a  cubepoints social share plugin created, we can probably do it in 24 hours. The options would be

    • Use an existing well built social plugin and simply tap into its actions to catch the event and log the points
    • Create a plugin from scratch which allows for shortcode or forced addition of the icons at the bottom of the posts

    This is not complicated or earth shattering. All we need is to see some interest. WooCube was created in 24 hours.

    BePro Software Team

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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