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    How to configure BePro Listings Icons. I bought and installed this plugin, but will not display categories on the map. Although I edited the category again, after installing the plugin.



    Once BePro Listings Icons is installed, you need to add icons to each category. BePro Listings has a sub menu names Categories. Edit any of the categories found there or create some if none exist. During the editing/creation process, you are able to select an icon for each listing

    If you have done all of this and still do not see any icons, contact us via [email protected] with an administrator login so that we can investigate further

    BePro Software Team



    I just bought the map icon addon and I find the list of available icons is not exhaustive enough.

    Is there any way to upload some map icons from Nicolas Mollet website to add to the options available? As it is now, the list of icons does not meet my needs.



    Hi Thierry,

    Sorry to hear the list doesn’t meet your needs. Unfortunately we do not currently offer a way to increase the number of icons via the plugin. If interested, reach out via our contact us page and our team would be happy to provide a quote.

    Alternatively, we could consider this a request. When time and budget allows, our dev team examines our list of requests for ideas on how we can enhance our offerings. If your idea is chosen, it would be added to a future version at no extra cost.
    BePro Software Team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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