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    Let us know if you run into any issues with the plugin

    Neil Jansson


    Great plugin. I have a buddypress install.

    Shortcodes work.

    1.From buddypress create listing there doesn’t seem to be a place to put long and latitude?

    2,.On listing at the bottom a ITEM button comes up with a URL to and archive? No page link?

    3. Question on the map, it is thumbnail size.. will it get larger with more listings?

    4. Should I set up pages for the different categories?


    Thanks for getting back to me.



    Hi, thanks for trying out the plugin. Hopefully i can help you with the issues you are encountering:


    1) Yes, Lat/Lon is currently calculated from the input fields. Allowing it to be an input option increases validation work which is planned for future releases

    2) Item links should go to pages like on our example site Do any of your listing pages work when visited directly?

    3) Which map feature are you using? There are shortcut options for map sizes. For example, the following shortcut uses the “size” attribute to create the largest map possible:

    [generate_map num_results=10 show_paging=1 size=4]

    4) You could create pages for different categories; However, with the current version, i’m not sure of the benefit. We hope to facilitate more ways of controlling the categories in future releases. On the follow test site for example, you will notice “quick links” on the home page which link directly to a predefined grouping or category.

    Neil Jansson


    Thanks for that.

    Everything works, EXCEPT ..

    If I create a listing from the frontend, there is no long and latitude.

    If I go to validate and edit to enter long and latitude and PUBLISH, that is when the listing link is lost?

    Any suggestions?

    I need people to add by themselves. Which works.

    But how do I get them on the Map without entering Long and Latitude?




    Neil Jansson

    Hello again,

    to add to above:

    1. From front end create listing.  NO PROBLEM

    2. Is there a SUCCESS MAIL that is supposed to be sent? or page set up? This is not working.

    3. If I go to dashboard to check listings:

    a. I see listing PENDING-

    a.1 If I go preview it shows perfectly

    a.2 If I publish- It fails? Can’t be found?

    4. Please see above regarding long and lat




    1) There is no confirmation email sent out to users

    2) All listings created from the front end are automatically pending

    3) Have you tried resetting your current permalink settings in your admin?

    4) Lon and Lat are created automatically for the user from the address entered

    Hope this helps.

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