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    Hi, thanks for adding me.

    I’m currently trying to set up a jobs section on my site at using your plugin. I use WPMU’s plugins for a lot of my site, which includes the ‘Membership’ plugin. This creates various user levels for my site. I have Stranger, free, basic and advanced memberships available.

    I want to set my site up so that only advanced members can reply to job listings. So that would involve me buying the ‘contact’ tab from you for $5, as I don’t want peoples email addresses displaying on any of these listings, I see that as a bit of a security issue for the poster.

    I would then need to use membership to somehow stop all users except from advanced from being able to see/use the contact tab. Would this be possible? I don’t want to purchase this tab if it’s not, I’ve had so many troubles trying to get this part of the site working, I don’t want to pay for something which won’t be suitable.

    I’d also like to make sure that all users on all levels can actually see the job listings, just not be able to reply to them, this is important for showing people what listings are available if they upgrade.

    Do you have any suggestions for this?




    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for reaching out, especially before buying anything. We encourage customers to test our base free plugin extensively and ask any questions in the forums before purchasing.

    With that said, the short answer is no. Neither BePro Lisitngs or any combination of its addons, currently provide the features you mentioned.

    A more detailed answer would include a reference to our BePro Listings S2Member plugin. Our team is familiar with membership plugins and can facilitate a situation like you mentioned, through a custom plugin like that one. It would allow the administrator to specify which BePro Listings features are available to which membership type. Custom addons like this generally cost $275 and take 3-5 business days to create/install.

    Integrating with the WPMU Membership plugin, is not currently on our development schedule. If we get more requests for this integration or someone pays for it to be created, we will update this forum post.

    In fact, i’ll move this to the requests forum. Hopefully this topic will get better visibility and providing others with a chance to show their interest

    BePro Software Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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