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    First of all, this is a great plugin and I even bought the Vehicle add-on. Now, I got a few questions.

    1. Is it possible to require payment for a user to make a listing on the front-end. We would like to charge users to list their items.

    2. Is it possible to disable some of the fields with the vehicle plugin? In our case, the condition and status fields aren’t necessary.

    3. Can I add new values to the mileage field?

    4. Can I set a minimum amount for the item to be sold. We would like our items to cost a minimum of $2500

    5. Can I put the search filters in the sidebar instead of in the page content?




    Thanks for the feedback and support.

    1. Yes, download the Free BePro Cart plugin. Setup details are outlined in the following article.

    2. This is only possible when the Vehicles addon is used in conjunction with our Form Builder addon.
    3. Those values are hard coded. Would you like anything specifically added? Alternatively, you could use the Form Builder addon.
    4. You can set one price. You can notify users that it’s the minimum price
    5. Yes, there is a search filter widget. Also, we have several shortcodes to consider which do not use the in-page search filter. Consider the following documentation

    BePro Software Team


    Thanks for responding. For the mileage field, I would like there to be numbers higher than 100000 which is where it stops. Would I be able to modify that with the form builder add-on?

    And I did get the cart and listings payments add-ons. But when I tried to do a test listing, it still listed without taking payment. How do I get it to add payment? I watched the video tutorial and didn’t see where you set the payments. Will users need to register to do that? Is there a way to do it without making users register? I’m just concerned that registrations would take up too much database space and that it could be a deterrent to potential listers.

    And one last question. I got the email add-on. I made some test listings. I got an email notifying me, the site admin that a new listing was posted but I didn’t get one to my other email which I used for a test listing. Is there a way to send a confirmation to the users?



    Yes, with the Form Builder addon you can re-create the fields used in the vehicles addon. If you choose this route, you would have to recreate all 6 fields, allowing you to setup any values you wanted. In this case, the vehicles addon still manages search filter and search result features. Alternatively, we can simply add the values you need to the vehicles addon for free.

    Did you select a payment option in the BePro Listings admin? This is one of the steps outlined on the following documentation page

    Yes, users must register to make a payment. This happens automatically when they submit a successful listing. You can setup the system to send the user directly to the checkout page, after form submission.

    Yes, please view the BePro Email documentation. You have the freedom to customize every email and send them to as many users as you want. Also confirm that the customer email does not go into the spam folder.

    Also note, we can probably setup most of this within an hour of product support if you prefer that route
    BePro Software Team

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