Luckily, BePro Listings is designed to fit into any theme. The $1 themes are simply wordpress templates and custom css. We can definitely fit the ByCater layout into your existing theme. We can fit any listing layout you can find online, into any theme

This is a job for a developer. The time needed for us to do it, depends on the complexity of your theme and how well its coded. On the low end, we can integrate the bycater layout in as little as 2 hrs of wordpress development


The process involves the creation of custom templates in your current theme. We have to use your existing header, footer, and possibly sidebar. We then have to mesh the css which generates the bycater layout, with the css that generates your current layout.

Luckily, all javascript is contained within BePro Listings, so conflicts there are rare. However, badly coded themes, especially those with existing errors, complicate the process. Also there is always the chance of plugin conflicts, especially as the number of plugins and customization’s increase.

If you would like a quote, simply share your website name and the area/link where you would like to integrate the design.

BePro Software Team