Thanks, I followed those instructions and it doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

I put the template definition in the function.php file in my theme.

$data = get_option("bepro_listings");
$data['bepro_listings_list_stuart'] = array(
"bepro_listings_list_title" => "stuart_bepro_listings_list_title_template",
"bepro_listings_list_below_title" => "bepro_listings_list_category_template",
"bepro_listings_list_above_title" => "stuart_bepro_listings_list_image_template",
"bepro_listings_list_image" => "bepro_listings_list_geo_template",
"bepro_listings_list_content" => "stuart_bepro_listings_list_content_template",
"bepro_listings_list_end" => "bepro_listings_list_links_template",
"template_file" => get_template_directory().'/bp_stuart.php');
update_option("bepro_listings", $data);

I included all of my custom functions below that definition.

I created my template file and put it in the root of my theme folder.

And on my page I used the following shortcode: [display_listings type=”stuart”]

It seems to be having an issue finding my template file. Do you see anything wrong in what I did. Is the theme functions.php file the correct place for this code?