These are definitely some good ideas. Can you share a link to your website so we can see the progress and how the plugin is working out for you?

  • We are planning on improving the map dramatically in two stages. The plan includes making the entire plugin design responsive. Also, we hope to provide an entire map add-on for the plugin to a) store and cache map images, b) change map icons and behavior. Note that you can currently turn off the pop-ups with a shortcode option in favor of a click to open.
  • It sounds like you are having a css conflict. For an item to suddenly react during mouse hover really leaves two options. Since our javascript doesn’t have any functionality like that, i would focus attention on a css conflict.
  • New listing notification is something we also have in development. The visual indicator is a good addition that we have not planned yet. Overall, we want to add an entire notification system which would alert both the admin and the user of changes to the listings
  • You should not have to manually add lat/lon unless the marker is in a location without a street address. These fields should not be required and should be automatically calculated once, address, city, and country are provided.  It is very rare that our team has had a situation where we needed to change the Lat/Lon settings. Its one of the reasons why providing the option to end users has not been a priority.

As always, we appreciate your comments and they are being used to improve the plugin.

BePro Software Team