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Thank you for the response.

I appreciate the offer for paid services, but of interest are basic features I thought are for everyone, though I agree some paid customization might be necessary. I am also aware of the many suggestions, many may end up being add-ons you want paid for. You have however implied appreciating suggestions to improve the plugin … which I have been providing, and yet have to be made aware of when one should stop, etc.

Responding to the last post first, after reading the statement on saving permalinks again, it was the first thing I did & if it is the culprit, whatever it held up should work. I must add, that the page with the filter form might not work and I yet have to look at your instructions again. I however have NO non-working links elsewhere on the site because of permalinks.

Regarding the search form page , thank you for the clarification. I assume this should be a live example => [search_form  listing_page=”http://www.aspectusafrica.com/links/webverzeichnis-links/”%5D with that page link being one of the page containing => [display_listings]. On that page at the front end (http://www.aspectusafrica.com/links/webverzeichnis-links/weblink-suche/), if I try to search for the listings with one of the titles of the “items” like “Sompon Socialservice e. V.” … and this item is on the listings page, Firefox takes me to Google instead. Assuming that is a local issue, Google Chrome => “We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page that you’re looking for. Perhaps searching will help.”

Do I implement the shortcode correctly? I have used real links & pages …

Regarding CSS page formatting, I will have to look at this. I might ask a question or 2  later on if it is a matter of users themselves having to do it.

Preventing html formatting for security reasons is understandable. Just have to think about what to do with a manually added Gmap even by the admin on the display-listings page & its effects.

About lon/lat … I decided to assume you are right, & there is something wrong with this specific site, buddypress-based & using a good number of plugins. So I decided to install your plugin on ANOTHER much simpler WP-based site, with much fewer plugins, no Buddypress or related plugins & using a different theme.

It has all Bepro Listing default settings checked (Show Cost, Show Contact, Show Geography). I added 2 links, with European style addresses & NO lon/lat. the result is here  => http://www.gdvfu.de/impressum/verzeichnis/on the [display_listings] page.

The ITEM page like => http://www.gdvfu.de/bepro_listings/guineisch-deutscher-verein-freiburg-e-v/, does not seem to fully load, both in Firefox & Chrome with some wheel endlessly rotating.

Furthermore, you will note there is no Googlemap link, even if the street address & zip & city & country are given.

Then, on this => http://www.gdvfu.de/impressum/verzeichnis-karte/ map link with => [generate_map size=4] … only YOUR default example CANADIAN location is shown, even if the 2 links I included have the location data which I can view as admin.

So I think there are probably a couple of issues on lon/lat that are not peculiar to my one website, but appear on another unconnected site on another server & that otherwise functions normally & 100%.

I assume helping solve what seem to be general issues does not fall into your paid services … 🙂 … I might be mistaken, but the lon/lat issue is not local, unless there some unfortunate coincidence on 3 sites, I hope to try the plugin on yet another unrelated website of another customer, ….

Last reference to categories, just wanted to make a last explanation that the probably most used WP directory plugin ODLINKS (as shown) has what I had in mind – in last post. Will not mention it again. 😉

Kind regards