Thanks again for the feedback. We will try to help where possible.

The shortcode is used like [ search_form listing_page=”url_enter_here” ] You can see it working on the home page of : http://maritimetransit.com. We are actively working on tutorial videos created by our Ad Coordinates sister brand, to explain to members exactly how to utilize the plugin options.

You are right about the design elements. However, as noted on the listings plugin page, we recommend that you know css or hire someone who does. The look is not a major priority for the free plugin at this point. Although in the long run, a responsive stock theme is being planned.

Regarding the formatting of the post, you are right again. Nothing fishy going on though. It is a security procedure performed on the submission before it is saved to the database.  Ideally, future generations of the plugin may offer options to allow owners to specify which html tags are aloud.

The fact that you are not able to generate a lat/lon from the form is difficult to diagnose. Hopefully other customer also experiencing the issue will chime in. So far we have not been able to duplicate the issue but are continuing to test it. This is obviously an intricate part of the Cost, Contact, Lat/Lon model.

Note, our primary goal is to guarantee that the plugin works for everyone in its current state before developing new features. We are actively working towards fixing all known bugs and providing opportunities for others to build features into the plugin easily.  Expect the next few releases to focus more on, functionality repair, api hooks, and overall ease of use.

We definitely understand and appreciate your ideas for the category feature. However, note that most directory and listing plugins actually charge for this feature while we provide it for free. The enhancements you are suggesting will definitely make it into versions released within the next few months.

BePro Software Team