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Thank you for the comprehensive response.

Just want to say if I end up repeating an already stated feature request, just ignore it … because I am sure you have noted all, and some might not be implemented in the short term. 😉

The user should be able to use all form fields that the admin can use except for, lat/lon, tags, and custom fields. So the user is able to change the website link for the listing. — CORRECTION, I discovered the OPTIONAL fields available to the admin seem to be added by another plugin & have nothing to do with BePro directory plugin. What I may be missing is exactly where/how users can edit already submitted links.

The cost free visibility option is probably best implemented by yourself. This is because we believe that some users would like this to show up in a site where prices are expected. With that said, the other point of specifying which fields show up instead of our grouped settings is *very* valid.  — I will be grateful for any option, that allows only showing what is relevant, and if possible additional freely configurable fields, that allow adding non-personal tel/fax + other content, like business times, availed & set by admin.

Further to the last point, we do intend to add the listing link to the pop up bubble.  Also, we are evaluating options for closing the bubble. …. It may end up being an option for the admin in a future release. —- As an option for the admin. to set, would be fine.

Actually I had mentioned:

The Bepro Listings connected pages are currently in last post under

Web-Verzeichnis” under Links, as sublinks., … So here is the Listings page, with Filter Form, Search page, and submission form.

You will note the Filterform & Search do not work properly.  I have tried to understand the statement in a post in the forum at WP:

2) The [ search_form ] shortcode has options to supply a url where the form should forward to (ideally where you put [ display_listings ] ). Remember, the shortcodes can exist on infinite pages/posts. So you need to tell the plugin which page/post you want to forward to.

How exactly should that be implemented, to point the search form short code to the listings page? I tried adding some link combinations to [search_form ], thinking I was pointing it to the listings page, but all produced page not found & like errors. Assuming the listings page is http://www.abc.com/listings, how exactly do u implement it in that shortcode on page with [search_form ]?

Regarding the listings page:

During an earlier release, the listings page was a little more flexible. It allowed you to specify if the links went to a new page.  At some point this must have been removed. We currently only offer the ability to change the size of the listings. Can you itemize the features you are interested in regarding flexibility for [ display_listings ]?

If you look at the Listings page, I would just like it to look better, like content generated by some other plugins to fit in the available space. No content should disappear below or be partially hidden by the line dividing the listings, etc

Since some directories (are to) contain more than just a few dozen links, but hundreds or thousands, divided into dozens of categories & subcategories, it would be good to have a page with a quick but appropriate overview that is not too crowded, and having say only top categories. That would mean if you have 20 main categories, the option of the category image sizes, e.g. much smaller, in this direction => this, so one has image + text beside it, or being editable or not having any at all, so u only have text. A click on one leads to a subcategory, etc. … OK, you said that might take sometime to implement on [ display_listing_categories ] … …     For directories having hundreds/thousands of links the page with [display_listings] would be having the newest or oldest links (?), paged, I guess, a couple per page. If you have 1000 thousand links, and want to have a good number on each preview page, I would suggest a design of this page not taking too much space, possibly with the option of NO images or smaller ones, probably showing the title, and at least a few lines of the description or whatever other preview information, etc like => here which compared to => thistakes much less space. If one has just a couple of links, the case is of course different & the current very generous use of space does not matter much.

Looking at the [ display_listings] page, you will note the “Item” title does not differentiate itself much from the rest of the text. May be making it bold & slightly larger would be good. How about linking it + the picture to the “item” page? Just thoughts … the dark text immediately under the image, like “Heidelberg,,Deutschland”, city & country?, a comma too much + [in most parts of Europe if not all of it, states are not a required part of the address + many countries have nothing equivalent] … not sure if that text is set in CSS to black, would be good if it conformed to theme?

… also, it happens to be FORMATTED text/html elements added as ADMIN are stripped, meaning what remains might end up looking awkward. “View Larger Map” or “Größere Kartenansicht”, you see on listings page are remnants of html code used to manually add Gmaps by admin in the process of editing/approval. Any way to deal with this?

I would like to request some little expansion of the explanation on the use of [search_form] & [filter_form] and their options on the How to use page. The simple reason is for a good number of users like me, who are NOT coders or new to WP, etc, implementing some cool functions is  not that intuitive.

Not being a coder is the reason why I can currently only shower you with lots suggestions, without being able to help with coding them. 😉 I am otherwise a bit conversant with some other directories based on other scripts that I run & so have an idea of what I & other users of similar scripts need but found missing in other WP directory plugins. Since I have some WP based community site to which we want to include a listings directory, … It is good your support team is not only available but open to suggestion …


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