Thanks for sharing the website link. We had someone visit the links page and compile the following report. Please note that we found the listings map but not the actual listings?

  • Definitely understand your need for the sub-categories and appreciate your patience with us implementing this feature.
  • Again unfortunate about the google maps loading time. We specifically addressed this in a recent releases and no longer experience the issue in any browser. Have you been able to test the plugin on any other servers?
  • The user should be able to use all form fields that the admin can use except for, lat/lon, tags, and custom fields. So the user is able to change the website link for the listing.
  • Good idea on the link being available on the actual item page. This was definitely an oversight.
  • The cost free visibility option is probably best implemented by yourself. This is because we believe that some users would like this to show up in a site where prices are expected. With that said, the other point of specifying which fields show up instead of our grouped settings is *very* valid
  • During an earlier release, the listings page was a little more flexible. It allowed you to specify if the links went to a new page.  At some point this must have been removed. We currently only offer the ability to change the size of the listings. Can you itemize the features you are interested in regarding flexibility for [ display_listings ]?
  • On your map, that pointer does move around. Cant imagine why that is, and a quick google search reveals no similar widespread issues with google maps.
  • Further to the last point, we do intend to add the listing link to the pop up bubble.  Also, we are evaluating options for closing the bubble. OnMouseOut may work for your setup but our team is uncertain that all individuals will appreciate this. It may end up being an option for the admin in a future release.

If anything was missed, or not fully answered, let us know.


BePro Software Team