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The site is quite new & still under development. The Bepro Listings connected links are currently under “Web-Verzeichnis” under Links, as sublinks. [as you will note, still trying to understand how to best use the plugin, short codes, …] I am using the Custom Community theme. I am waiting including more links, partly to see how some things proceed, like the overview of categories/subcategories on the main listings page, etc. One reason for this is because I have to write instructions on how to submit links. A simple to use web directory is a feature we would very much like to add with the capacity to host several thousand links.

I decided to submit a new listing as a normal use to see if I had got the last point on lan & lon in your response above wrong. The link was approved by the admin. One thing that I noted not for the first time was quite often the site takes way too long to transfer data from maps.googleapi.com, … though it has to do with the directory map on the map page, several minutes in some cases, with Firefox not completely loading or not fast enough.

The particular new listing on the map that I added, apparently with street addresses which Google Maps proper & plugins used on this site like events manager & lots more use, but as you see in the case of the last listing “Afrika Haus Berlin” on the “Webverzeichnis Links” page, there is no “View map”. This only comes, like in other listings currently shown on that page when one manually adds lan & lon, which I have NOT done. You can try this out yourself by submitting a link HOWEVER, with European format addresses. … An example is any listing in this directory. They all have addresses.

Am I mistaken or the user currently has no chance to edit his submitted link?

As you note, the Cost – Free [which as said before would be grateful if the option for this not to appear at all] & the “names” used so Email & Phone can appear & considered as only personal – not business, etc is good but makes this a bit inappropriate in a good number of cases. Only the administrator being able to edit the link & add the optional form fields means only he can add additional info, which he might not even know, like additional phones, faxes, business opening times, etc. It would be good of the this feature would be in the general directory settings, so the administrator can set for all the form fields to be available for the directory he offers. I think most if not all of the current listings have additional fields I added + data, which only the admin see, but are not visible at the frontend.

I have added a map manually on a couple of current “item” pages. … Unfortunately you said you intend to add that function as a paid add-on …

I requested in an earlier post including the website link on the “item” page proper as well, which although it is available in the preview, it would be good if all information related to a listing was again available on its page. Just a thought.

On the preview page => [display_listings] maybe the layout could be made more flexible … Must the “Item” open in a new page? It seems all HTML elements at the frontend, even added by the admin are stripped. That’s why “View larger map” /”Großere Kartenansicht” coming from added Gmap appear. Wondering about that text just below the image in black, & where it comes from … As you note, some text seems to disappear under the line diving the listings …

On the registration form as you note under Categories, even the number that is already there takes a good fraction of the page. I put off adding subcategories of each. Using Select dropdown form element I think would take much less space, also in widget.

On the page map, Links => Web-Verzeichnis, the strange location pointer I mentioned before is located at “Hamburg”. The others can be clicked, that particular keeps running away from the mouse making it impossible to click on it. Quite strange, I think ;).

I find the pop-ups OK, just suggesting it would be good if after the mouse is away, that they close automatically so one does not have many open that the mouse has passed over & if possible, not bad if the location on them could be linked to “item” page.

I hope it will be possible in the short term to know the scripts where one can manually edit text like “item”

I these observations help …

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