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Thank you for the quick response. I was just looking at a simple question I posted 6 months ago on the WP support page of one of the most used directory plugins. Up to today still no response. 😉

I will continue trying to understand how to best use the plugin.

I do however request you to consider the option of metric units, which became apparent as I was looking at [filter_form]. The simple reason is whereas the USA & probably GB still quite often use “miles”, pounds, inches, feet, almost the rest of other countries use kilometers, meters, kilograms, Celsius instead of °F, etc. So without taking time to calculate the equivalent of 150 miles in kilometers & that’s if one knows a mile = 1.6 km, it is a bit difficult to easily get distances …

Just a thought … 😉

On the second question on categories/subcategories,  I had in mind ONLY MAIN categories being shown on default page. If you clicked on Category “X”, you would be led to a page only listing the subcategories of X & probably links in the main category proper, etc … a bit like in  this directory


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