Hi @BlueTapp,

You will notice on our $1 themes, that the second listing type showcases the address


Ultimately, listings are simply templates. Unfortunately, its impossible for us to create a template that fits every need. So we have created a tutorial for developers to create their own, with whatever information they would like to see on it


Also, altering an existing listing type would fall under our “1hr Product Support” which is our lowest cost support option


We can also create custom designed listings which look exactly like your provided design. BePro Listings is flexible enough to easily adapt to any design.

There are currently no configuration options to change the “Show Map” link on the details page, to the actual address. Its also hardcoded in a way which would prevent a developer from changing this feature, without affecting the core plugin. If you would like to see this as a configurable option in a future release, simply create a post in the requests section of the forum. Its a simple change that we can definitely accommodate