Thanks for choosing BePro Listings and the realestate addon.

I checked out your website and noticed the issue you mentioned. However, it seems to be happening on every page that’s generated by the plugin. Here is another example of the listings page, not looking correct on your website


The quick and short answer is that you need to create template files for BePro Listings. That way, the content can fit correctly into your theme. The DIY method of doing this is explained here:

BePro Listings Template Files

Not all themes are coded the same (php/html/etc). That’s evident since they all look different. Unfortunately, its not possible for a plugin like BePro Listings to fit perfectly into every single theme. That’s because it generates it’s own pages and wordpress does not provide a way for plugins to know your custom template setup. Typically, you will have to create template files for the plugin yourself.

Any plugin which generates their own page types (custom post type) in your website, will have this issue. Many popular plugins have this issue, e.g. buddypress. Like us, plugins extensive enough to need their own pages, usually offer themes to users with the templates already included.

If you would like one of our developers to create the php templates and integrate the plugin into your existing theme. It will only take 1hr of product support.


BePro Software Team