Hi @iceman,

I’m really glad that you shared this with the community. Its a perfect opportunity to help everyone understand how to use our shortcodes.

Our team does not create how shortcodes work, wordpress does that. We just facilitate options. I am actually shocked and surprised that the spacing worked. I guess we all learn new things everyday.

The point i am driving at, is that you should put string options in quotations (no space needed). So in your case, it would be [ display_listing_categories url_input=”name of page” ]. I put spaces in this example shortcode because i don’t want them to activate

All shortcodes work exactly the same in terms of setup, the only differences are their options and the results. Our BePro Listings documentation page, is structured that way because we are hoping people learn about shortcodes from the plethora of documentation available online. To learn more about shortcodes and how they work, check out the following wordpress documentation. :


BePro Software Team