Hello Sally,

BePro Listings map and geography features work with google maps. This answers just about all of your questions

1) The time the map takes to load has nothing to do with our plugin. However, i bet if you deactivated all other plugins except for ours, you would see it speed up. Although the issue is not caused by our plugin, we would be happy to point out the specific issue within 1hr of wordpress development


2) The business addon does not advertise or allude to any admin features, because it has none. The realestate addon is purposely limited and has a well documented pro version


3) Put the same postal codes in google maps and we anticipate you will see similar results. We get the results from google. If a zip code does not work, then contact google

4) This is a really good question. We should probably create a post around it. The simple answer is that there is a distance option available in the admin.

A) When you search for a city on maps.google.com, you get the center of that city
B) We are turning your address into a lat/lon and mathematically calculating distance to the result returned in A
C) If B is outside of the distance setting (e.g. 50 miles) it will not return as a result, even if it has the same state name
D) The advanced searching you are asking for, is being developed, and will be released as a paid addon.

Hope this clarifies a few things. We strongly suggest you continue to test out the free addon some more, before purchasing anything. Compare it to the competition and see that things like

A) broken sidebar is a wordpress issue seen in any plugin which creates pages from custom post types. Popular plugins are not immune like buddypress and woocommerce
B) Any plugin providing geographical search will return similar results or are limited in features.

BePro Software Team