Hi @Drew7171

Thanks for considering BePro Listings

Our plugin offers a modular approach to building a website. Each combination will be unique depending on the options chosen. A good place to start for viewing how the plugins work, would be to visit any of our $1 one dollar wordpress theme like http://bycater.ca

Also note that our $1 one dollar wordpress themes come with data. So with $1, you are able to setup a copy of our themes, with a few listings for testing. Some of the themes have addon’s installed, some have just the base plugin. So you get a good idea of how the plugins work together and what that does to the whole website experience

Adding listings can be done is several ways. Some are referenced in this article we wrote regarding using BePro Listings for front end submissions. There is also the admin menu where you would manage listings like you do with any other wordpress post or page.

Regarding documentation, we have a page dedicated to BePro Listings Documentation. There is also a link there which specifically focuses on the BePro Listings Shortcodes and how to setup BePro Listings

It sounds like you may be a little overwhelmed with the options, or didn’t see the documentation? Either way, we can help you with setup. We can install BePro Listings into your existing theme or install one of the $1 one dollar wordpress themes on your server. If this interests you, then you should consider our BePro Listings Bundles and/or simply purchasing product support hours here


BePro Software Team