Thanks for reaching out with this question. The short answer is that the issue is not caused by BePro Listings. It is caused by your theme’s css style

BePro listings is feature packed with lots of third party integration. Its difficult to guarantee that the features will look the same on everyone’s website. Part of that reason is because of css.

Your theme carries custom css and the third party features like google maps, have their own css. So in many cases, conflicts between these styles is construed as the plugin being at fault. However, a switch to any of the free basic themes (packaged with wordpress), will quickly demonstrate that there is more to the story. We really appreciate when customers like yourself give us the opportunity to bring light to these issues.

Specifically, your issue is related to the use of the css style “max-width” being applied to images on your theme. In fact, you should google the term “google maps max-width”. This style is very popular in bootstrap themes and the issue is also well documented. That’s why we always recommend that any investment in BePro Listings starting with a $1 wordpress theme. At the very least, you can always visit them to see if a particular issue you are experiencing, shows up on those sites too.

Hope this helps

BePro Software Team