Thanks for relaying these details. This is the only way we can improve the plugin, addons, and themes.

We have seen the zip file issue before and our team is investigating. While we work on a solution, a note can be seen in red, at the top of the “My Account” page alerting all users to this fact before download. Ultimately, its good to hear you were able to replicate the correct folder hierarchy. Please continue to install all of our themes, addons and plugins using the same procedure.

Regarding the addon save feature, we are aware of this issue. Thanks again for confirming that it works. Actually, the error message is caused because the existing value is being re-saved (blank or otherwise). We are working on ways to better convey the actual error to the user.

Always great to hear we were able to address all issues and the plugins work for you. You can anticipate continued updates, so check back for plugin/theme/addon revisions. Many allow free downloads for months or a fixed download limit (usually more than one).

We appreciate your patience. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything else.

BePro Software Team