Creation a property listings website is as easy as using BePro Listings and its Real Estate addon. With this setup, you can categorize, map and list all of your property inventory. This article is dedicated to showing you how to get started for FREE!



BePro Listings is a great plugin with lots of ways to extend its features. For this particular article, we are discussing how to integrate property related information into your listings experience. To get started, you will need to install and configure the following two plugins

  • BePro Listings (FREE) – Base plugin which manages all listing storage and showcasing features
  • BePro Listings Real Estate (FREE) – Real Estate addon which adds property related information to listings

The important thing to remember is that the free setup provides many features. BePro Listings provides over 20 major features. When combined with the Real Estate addon, this number grows even more. Some major features include

  • Google Maps
  • Ajax Search Filter
  • Galleries
  • Property Listings
  • Shortcodes and widgets


The free version allows you to check out the important features. When you are certain, this is the solution for you, then you can upgrade to the paid addons with more features. The following are popular for those trying to create Property websites

BePro Listings has over 18 addons at the time of writing this article. This provides many ways to customize and extend your listings experience. Make sure to check out the full list of addons


This is what really sets BePro Listings apart from the competition. All of the shortcodes and templates produced by this plugin are Responsive for mobile devices. This is mandatory for today’s top of the line themes and we are ready to integrate with any of them

We provide several $1 one dollar wordpress themes that are already integration with BePro Listings. However, this plugin can be integrated into any website design.


If you are  creating a property listings website, then we have the perfect solution for you. With tens of thousands of downloads and many happy paying customers, BePro Listings has the feature set you have been looking for.

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