If you are looking to create an image portfolio or allow users to find galleries, BePro Listings and its gallery addon is the best choice for you. These wordpress plugins help you to upload images and allow your visitors to search through the galleries you have created. With lots of layout options and various ways to describe your galleries, you should seriously consider these plugins for your next wordpress gallery website


BePro Listings as the name suggests, allows you to create, list and search information. In its free stock form, it works with the wordpress built in gallery feature. For many, this is enough to fit their image portfolio needs.

Whats really sets this plugin apart is that each gallery is a listing. Each listing comes with a, description, categories and anything else you need to upload your photos and describe your gallery. In addition, there is front end upload, ajax search / filter and other ways to engage visitors. There are far too many features for this plugin to list here. In short, this configurable solution should be able to fit most of your listing needs.


If you would like to immerse your visitors in the gallery experience, we recommend using our Galleries addon. This plugin adds new search result templates to BePro listings, which focus on the images. You can list the featured image for each listing in search results, and have users click the image to see the complete gallery

When considering large numbers of images, you may not be happy with the default gallery layout. Consider that our galleries addon provides 3 responsive slider options which organizes your gallery and makes it easier for users to navigate the images that you have uploaded.

In addition, you can place a gallery on any page or post with the available shortcodes. Choose between the 3 available slider types and select which posts, whose featured image you would like to showcase in the slider. When a user clicks an image, they are taken to the details page where they can view the rest of the gallery.


When creating a gallery website, you need to upload your images and allow users to find them. BePro Listings and its Galleries addon, makes the entire process easy. Feature images in search results and enhance the gallery experience with a nice responsive slider. With categories, description and other ways to describe your gallery, this is the perfect solution for your needs

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