Built on the foundation of BePro Listings, we have several themes which you can use for your Directory website. Each theme utilizes the shortcodes provided by BePro Listings. The result is a complete wordpress directory theme for any niche you would need, real estate, business, car dealer, and so much more

With BePro Listings, you can expect stock features like, google maps, categories, ajax search filter, listing galleries, front end submission, result listing templates, and so much more. When you are ready to extend on the base features, we have over 18 addons including reviews, contact forms, enhanced search, and several media addons like videos


Great theme that can be used for various purposes. The demo for this theme features catering services across Canada. It features several of our plugins including favorites, search, and galleries

This theme has been updated with category and tag taxonomy templates. So regardless of what BePro Listings features you are using, this theme will display all of your content.

The home page template of this theme is very configurable from the admin. Switch the map for the gallery slider if you have that feature installed.


Very popular theme which highlights our in page filter on the home page. Many users prefer this layout compared to the search filter being in the sidebar.

This wordpress theme also comes with taxonomy templates for categories and tags. The content on this demo is vehicle focused and we have installed the vehicle addon. Dont let the vehicle content fool you, this theme can be used to list anything


This is one of our newest themes and we are trying a few new techniques with it. You can anticipate better control of sidebars, designated home page and result templates. This theme is currently only available to our subscriber members as we continue to develop and test it


This theme is based off of one of the base wordpress themes. So the layout and stock wordpress features should seem familiar. We have enhanced it with highlighting the search features, call to action button, and theme controls like changing backgrounds

This theme currently has general city information from across the globe. It is one of the few demos where we showcase the plugin operating in its base stock form


Great child theme for the 2014 wordpress theme. So you need to have the stock theme on your server. Its packaged with wordpress so we anticipate this is a very easy requirement

Unlike our other themes, this one focuses on images and showcasing that particular feature. The home page template showcases images only which link to their listings. We also facilitate a gallery template where you can utilize the gallery slider features if you have them installed. This theme really highlights our portfolio website features


We have several directory focused wordpress themes for you to consider. They all use BePro Listings in different ways. They help to showcase the versatility of BePro Listings and its ability to facilitate any directory and any design. It all starts with installing BePro Listings and purchasing any of our $1 wordpress themes

Date: WordPress Directory Theme was last modified: August 13th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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