WooCube Pro 1.0.6 takes all of the suggestions from the community and makes this plugin so much better. This version has new features for both the cubepoints users and the woocommerce users!


The internals have changed dramatically. Instead of taking the product total as a variable from woocommerce. We are now looping through the cart. This introduces a lot more control over each product and facilitates a lot of our new features


The new features address a host of requested capabilities. Lets go ahead and list them

  • Exclude products from point deductions
  • Maximum percentage of cost which points can reduce price by
  • Credit points for purchasing a product
  • Currency conversion rates

What this means, is that Woocoomerce and Cubpoints have been integrated to an even higher level. Both plugins now benefit from the interaction. For example

  • Cubepoints – This plugin benefits from the new feature allowing users to purchase points through woocommerce. This means you can now accept, skrill, paypal, authorize.net and a host of other payment solutions for cubepoints. We have also introduced conversion rates allowing cubepoints to theoretically have decimals.
  • WooCommerce – Apart from the previous feature of converting points for cash, we have created a lot more control. Woocommerce can now exclude products from the points program altogether, or allow users to get points for purchasing a product.


We are really helping both plugins to be better, so we had to split control between the two plugins. You will find WooCube Pro options in the configuration’s menu for cubepoints. This is the place you need to start when setting up the plugin. In fact, there are Very Important settings here that you must look at. Remember, you are dealing with real money once you introduce WooCube Pro

The Woocommerce product edit screen is addressed in this new release. Now you can control how points work with products individually. With the proper settings applied in the cubepoints configuration, you will be able to exclude products or dictate how many points, that particular product will reward a user after purchase.


This is a major update for WooCube Pro. Its also a game changer for the cubepoints fans. Now they have a completely new and expansive method of charging users for points. For woocommerce focused users, you are able to control, exactly how users gain points and exactly how they are able to spend them on products

Date: WooCube Pro 1.0.6 was last modified: August 10th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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