With WordPress and BePro Listings, you can showcase a directory of staff, partners, board members, customers, or any other type of business connection. BePro Listings allows you and optionally your front end users, to upload various details about an indevidual. Those details are then searchable along with as many other listings that you would like to create. In this article, we talk about how easy it is to do this for free.

BePro Listings Plugin

With this free plugin, you can quickly and easily change WordPress from a blogging only platform to a fully functional directory website. With this plugin, you can feature any type of listings including your business connections. Through the installation wizard, you can select optional features like

  • Cost
  • Contact info
  • Photo Gallery
  • Geography (address)
  • Front End Submission
  • Front End Search & Filter

If your listings have an address, this plugin will help you to show the information on Google Maps. If you don’t need that type of information, simply turn off the feature, its that simple. BePro Listings is designed to be configured by you, to fit the needs of various WP Listing sites.

If you already have a wordpress website, then bepro listings will integrate into your existing setup. Otherwise, consider one of our premium wordpress themes. For example our BePro Business Directory Theme can help you to get up and running with your connections directory quickly. This theme provides the look and feel of your website.

WordPress Directory Websites

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It will help you to store and showcase content online. With BePro Listings, you can transform the basic CMS into a complete directory solution which allows your viewers to search and filter through your listings. With this solution, you can also continue to blog or share other important information about your company

Lets take an example of a music agency. They can use BePro Listings to showcase all of their artists with, cost, contact, and location information. They can allow users to search and filter through the artists, including photos, titles, and other details. Once they find a good match, they can click into the listing to see further information about that artist including contact info

Business Connections

The brilliance of this solution is that there is no limit to what you can showcase. With BePro Listings, you can customize your setup to feature exactly the type of information your viewers need. If for some reason the base BePro Listings plugin doesn’t fulfill your information needs, we have over 20 addons to further customize the experience. For Example, with our visual drag and drop form builder, you can customize all form fields which generate listings

Show employees, customers, partners, and any other connection that your business has. Upload photos, contact info and anything else you need to describe your listings. Then allow users to view, search, and filter through the listings to find relevant connections.


Its easy to setup a connections directory on WordPress with BePro Listings. This easy to use plugin will deploy a directory with front end submission, contact, rates, geography and other optional information. Start with the free plugin then add themes and addons as your needs increase. This flexible solution can scale with your needs

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