Are you creating a mobile app which captures data in the field? Are your users routinely updating geographic info like taxi drivers? Whatever it is, the BePro Listings wordpress plugin is your ideal solution when paired with our API addon.


BePro Listings is by far the most feature rich listings plugin available for wordpress. No other plugin can list the diverse types of information that customers regularly use our plugin for. BePro Listings is used in various types of listing websites including, events, directories, portfolios, real estate, vehicles, and so much more. It comes with too many features to list but notably it offers, galleries, description, cost, contact, google map location and so much more. Note that all of this information can be easily find information via our built in search features

Our BePro Software API addon allows integrated solutions to accept remote programmatic requests. In this case, BePro Listings will accept information passed along to it by the API addon. The API addon is the first in line, testing your request for errors and authenticating your request. Thats right, this plugin will provide a user/pass and a url which must be used when making requests for added security


The BePro Software API addon allows BePro Listings to receive and process remote submissions. Your development team must integrate the API schema into your app so that you can send the necessary information through the API system

BePro Software API will create a username, password and url for accepting requests. You can change these to whatever you would like. Ultimately, this API addon is focused on securely processing API requests and passing on the data to the correctly referenced application

The api schema is XML based. We require information like the username, password, data and application. So you have to tell the API which application the data is for. As you can imagine, our BePro Software Team creates tons of addons and this product will support many other plugins.


Ultimately, you can have your custom application, remotely send data to your BePro Listings powered website. Immediately have data from the field, uploaded online, where it can be searched and filtered easily

BePro Listings is very flexible and comes with tons of configuration options. Once past the extreamly easy and quick installation, you can setup the plugin to look and work exactly how your business needs. Use our various result listing templates and detail page layout options. With this plugin, you can setup the best possible display for your data and control who has access to it via wordpress.


If you have an application which needs to remotely update online listings, consider the BePro Listings wordpress plugin. This feature rich product is easy to setup via an installation wizard and can be configured to showcase your required data. With over 20 addons, this plugin probably has exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

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